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Goodwill + Kids = Awesome

April 20, 2010

We know kids care about the environment, and we love to see them get excited to go through their closets and fill Goodwill donation bags with their old clothes and toys. We get excited, too!

We tell our young donors that since their donations don’t end up in landfills, we’re helping to keep the environment healthy, and by selling those donations in our stores, we can fund the training that helps people in our community find and keep good jobs. It’s a great way to show how one person (big or small) can truly make a difference.

Each time we visit a school, we ask our audience to raise their hands if they have a friend or family member who’s unemployed or looking for a job. And each time, almost every hand is raised. So it’s no surprise that the kids feel like part of something big when we explain that last year, because of their donations, Goodwill helped nearly 18,000 people find work–enough people to fill the entire Bobcats arena!

All it takes is a small act of kindness–donating a bag of gently-used items to Goodwill–to help the earth and change someone’s life. It’s a message we hope stays with each child for the rest of their lives, so they’ll continue to donate to Goodwill, and we’ll be able to provide job training and employment services for many years to come.

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