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Goodwill Gets Schooled!

April 23, 2010

College students are great supporters of Goodwill–and the students at Queens University are no exception. Today from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., we have a donation trailer parked on campus to accept the gently-used items students can’t fit in their cars for their trips back home.

“This partnership is great, because as you know, our students are here to serve and not be served,” says Audancie Constant, Associate Director for Residence Life at Queens. “The timing is perfect for spring cleaning and when students move out of the residence halls.”

It’s a win-win. Instead of filling campus trash bins, students can donate what they don’t want to Goodwill. We get great donations for our stores, and Queens gets to help the environment and support their community.

“It makes sense,” says Constant. Plus, she adds, she loves aligning her university with “another type of university” — Goodwill! (Check out our training programs on our web site, here.)

The donations have been coming in by the bag-full.We’ve seen everything from designer clothing (I spotted several BCBG labels), plus furniture, a bike, some great shoes, and even a MegaSaucer brought over by a Queens neighbor!

We also have to laugh at some of the things that turn up during these drives. Take this shirt, for example:

It’s pretty ironic for an Al Gore shirt to turn up at an Earth Day donation drive, isn’t it?

Our donors are a diverse bunch, as well. This donor’s name is Brio. He didn’t really have much in the way of donations, actually, but he sure drew a crowd!

If we missed you today, you’ve got two more opportunities to bring us your Earth Week donations. Stop by and see us tomorrow at the Fourth Annual Earth Day in Matthews, or on Sunday at the Whitewater Center Earth Day Celebration. We’ll be giving away Goodwill goodies like our new t-shirt:

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