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New Beginnings

April 26, 2010

A new group of students started our Banking & Customer Service Training today. The students filed in bright and early this morning and started to get to know each other–and their instructors. It’s an experience they won’t soon forget.

By the time they’ve completed the course, they’ll they’ll have new resumes ready to go and interview skills waiting to be tested. Maybe they’ll even have some interviews lined up. Without a doubt, they’ll have made a class full of new friends. They’ll hug their instructors at graduation. They’ll have their pictures taken with Smiling G. They’ll cheer for the classmates who give speeches, and celebrate with lemonade and cake.

We’ve congratulated more than 2,500 graduates so far, and we love to hear from them after they leave. Which is why we were all thrilled to see this message from one of our recent graduates on our Facebook wall last week:

“I just graduated from Goodwill’s nine-week Banking/Customer Service Class, and I have just gotten a Client Retention position after being out of work for over one year. Thanks to Goodwill, I was able to update my skills and gain back the confidence I needed to find a job. Thank you to Phil Gaber, Tereza Ramseur, Maria Antoine and everyone else who made this possible. I know there are many who could benefit from the same knowledge which has been handed down to me. I would recommend this program to anyone. GOODWILL YOU ROCK!” ~Renee Dagenais

Renee even sent us a note to let us know she’d like to come back as a volunteer in the future. “I think I need to pass on the good karma I’ve gotten to someone else,” she said. We look forward to it!

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