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Goodwill, by land and by sky

May 5, 2010

With an ever-growing roster of more than 500 (awesome) team members, we’re constantly finding out interesting things about each other. Take our Computer Works store, for example: In addition to refurbishing and selling the computers and computer-related items that are donated at any of our 30-plus donation sites, Jeff, the store manager, and William, the assistant manager, both have unique hobbies that get them out and about in style.

Here’s Jeff, smiling about all of the computer donations he got at one of our Earth Day events last month (along with a cameo from one of our events staffers, Laura).

Jeff really likes that the Computer Works store is on Freedom Drive, because it means airplanes fly directly over the store on their way to or from the Charlotte International Airport. And Jeff really likes planes. His stepfather owned an airplane, and he spent a lot of time at the airport when he was a kid. But Jeff doesn’t have just a passing interest in planes–in fact, he graduated from Baylor University’s flight school, and he has his private pilot license. It’s an awesome hobby! He’s flown his family for day trips all over North Carolina, like to the Outer Banks to see Kill Devil Hill, where the Wright Brothers took their first successful flights on the sand dunes.

When he retires, Jeff would love to put his hobby to good use as a flight instructor, teaching other people how to fly.

Then there’s William, assistant manager at the Computer Works store. (In the picture, he’s helping some of our younger donors find out what happens to the hard drives we can’t refurbish–they get crushed!) William’s hobby keeps him a little more grounded, but it’s no less cool. He’s the proud owner of a Mitsubishi Evolution 8, which he races locally and up and down the East Coast. Working with computers comes in handy for William–when he’s not fixing computers (he’s our resident Mac expert), he’s working on his car, and his laptop is always with him when he races, because he uses it to tune his car on the fly.

Until Jeff retires or William goes pro, you’ll find them helping people with their purchases at our Computer Works store–stop by soon and say hello!

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