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Trend Alert! Denim Shorts

June 2, 2010

We aren’t even officially into summer yet, and we’re experiencing our first trendlet of the season: denim shorts for women.

Denim shorts are a perennial favorite — who can forget Baby Houseman’s ’60s-fab long denim shorts and boatneck striped top in Dirty Dancing? — but the shorts tend to change their profile a bit from season to season.

Right now, there’s a decidedly anything-goes vibe being channeled by celebs such as Nicole Richie, Whitney Port and Sienna Miller. They’re rockin’ jean shorts in all shapes, sizes, rises, cuts, colors and levels of distress.

You can bet they’re paying upwards of $100 for those wee designer bits of fabric, but there’s no need. Really! Even the most DIY-challenged among us can knock out a pair of custom denim shorts for about $5.

How? Goodwill, of course.

Back in the day (ahem, high school), I spent summers in multiple pairs of denim cutoffs from Goodwill. Those jeans was the canvas on which I explored my creativity: I tried my hand at bleaching, tie-dying, hand-embellishing with embroidery…the list goes on. And when a favorite pair was ripped, I’d fix them with a vintage patch salvaged from my Grandma’s house.

Denim is always $4.99 at Goodwill (men’s and women’s), which means that you could buy four pairs, giving yourself a little creative wiggle room, and still have spent less than $25.

If you favor a baggier look, head for the men’s department. Want a slimmer profile? Look for women’s jeans with a bit of stretch.

Take those puppies home and get busy with the scissors, sandpaper and razor blades (for distressing and shredding), bleach and/or paint (for a worn, Jackson Pollock-inspired feel). Then share the results on our Facebook page or our Flickr group — we’d love to see what you create.

-Rachel Sutherland

Editor’s Note: This post was written by guest blogger and Goodwill shopper Rachel Sutherland. Stop by our Contributors page for more about Rachel.


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