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Goodwill Hunting

June 9, 2010

Our Goodwill Hunting group on Flickr is growing! We’ve got more than 400 images in the photo pool so far, and we’re thrilled to see the things that are popping up in Goodwill stores.

Here’s our latest round-up of favorites from the group:

1. so pretty!!, 2. Birdie Print, 3. after, 4. Springy goodness, 5. CircleArtWithStools01, 6. IMG_5209, 7. Cute little orange sewing machine., 8. what I wore today -042810, 9. HulaHoop, 10. The Reddest Dress, 11. Kara’s dress, 12. puddle, 13. Turquoise Lotus Bowl, 14. New Suit and Tie, 15. Dazey Donut Factory!, 16. Pink Pyrex and Vintage Paper Muffin Cups


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