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Design on a Dime

July 19, 2010

If you’re a thrift shopper, you’ve probably got loads of stories about the great designer finds you’ve made. For me, the designer victories at Goodwill pale in comparison to the ones that got away.

Like that vintage Chanel dress I spotted in Charlotte a few years ago. I couldn’t believe it was really Chanel and that no one else had snatched it up. The black and white knit dress was too small for me, and I stood there guarding it on the rack while I tried to come up with someone I could buy it for. I was at a loss, so I put the dress back on the rack and walked away.

That same day, I found a vintage Michael Kors (white label) black and white houndstooth blazer. I did buy that one.

I have a wicked handbag fetish, especially when it comes to old-school Coach bags. You know the ones–from the 1980s with simple styling and grommeted straps. I’ve run across a ton in all shapes and sizes, mostly in the $5-$10 range.

I have a fierce internal debate (I’ve got a slew of vintage Coach already). If I leave a bag behind, it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll put together an outfit in the coming weeks that would be perfectly complimented by the brown Coach cross-body bag I left on the rack.

On a recent trip to Goodwill, I spotted two pairs of new-without-tags Stuart Weitzman shoes on the racks. Again, not my size, but I couldn’t keep myself from buying the jeweled jellies. Someone I know must be a size 7 and in need of never-worn designer shoes. Especially at $3.50 a pair!

-Rachel Sutherland

Editor’s Note: This post was written by guest blogger and Goodwill shopper Rachel Sutherland. Stop by our Contributors page for more about Rachel.


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