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Fall Fashion Preview

July 28, 2010

We’re going to invoke a bit of wishful thinking here: Maybe if we start planning and shopping our fall wardrobe, the insufferable Carolina temps will ease a bit.

Think it’ll work?

No matter — we’re already looking forward to fall fashion. So what if we can’t realistically wear boots and long sleeves until October (if we’re lucky)?

One of the style statements influencing fall fashion this season is a decidedly military vibe. Army green, camouflage and khaki are just a few examples of what you may see in the coming months.

My favorite military influence is the shoulder detail (also known as epaulette). Pronounced shoulders and military influences were resurrected by Christophe Decarnin’s designs for Balmain’s Spring 2009 collection (and continued in subsequent collections). The look has been through a few iterations, but it’s still going strong.

Here’s a quick peek at some on-trend items I spotted at the Cornelius Goodwill last week:

This Old Navy khaki dress ($4.99) has tiny epaulettes on the shoulders and plenty of button details, which add to the military feel. Paired with a grommeted khaki belt (99 cents) with a tiny orange stripe, it’s a sleek look that isn’t too masculine, especially paired with a killer pair of wedge sandals.

The dress can work well into the fall too. Layer with a camo long-sleeve T-shirt ($3.79) and that fab grommeted belt. Camo is the animal print of the military world — a little goes a long way.

This vintage dress ($4.99) is a whole lot of military, but subtly so. Epaulettes, double-breasted buttons and vented detailing all add up in a fantastically retro Melanie Griffith in Working Girl kind of way. Accessorize with a leather Gianni Bini crossbody bag ($2.99).

-Rachel Sutherland

Editor’s Note: This post was written by guest blogger and Goodwill shopper Rachel Sutherland. Stop by our Contributors page for more about Rachel.


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