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Weekend Project: Shirt Update

August 2, 2010

Sometimes I’ll find a top at Goodwill that fits, is comfortable and cute, but is just lacking that little bit of visual panache. And for $3.79, it’s hard to say no. Still, though, the question remains: Do I like it enough to actually wear it?

This summer I found one of Target’s Mossimo tops on the rack at the Concord Goodwill (my favorite store for newer finds). It was a pink the color of strawberry ice cream, one of my color obsessions of the season, and I really liked the feel and look of the fabric. But the buttons were an ordinary white that were a placeholder for style. I bought it anyway. This top turned into my weekend project, a perfect thing to throw in my purse for an hour-and-a-half car trip in the passenger seat.

Since I regularly go on button expeditions for my redesigned vintage clothing line, Verabelle, I added the button dimensions for the shirt to my shopping list. All you need to find the right fit is the diameter of the button (or you can pop it off and take it with you to compare as you shop).

I found a shiny red set that I liked at Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, the button mecca of the Charlotte area. I also like to shop at local antique stores and flea markets, and other times, I take the buttons from another thrifted find.

By the time we arrived at our mini road trip destination, Pilot Mountain, my lap project was complete! I think the red/pink color combination on the shirt is so much more interesting – like strawberry ice cream with a cherry on top – and it took under an hour to undertake the simple transformation. But best of all, wearing this piece of clothing feels so much more personal now, since I’ve been a part of creating the final look.

-Amanda Aileen Fisher

This post was written by guest blogger and Goodwill shopper Amanda Aileen Fisher. Stop by our Contributors page for more about Amanda.


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  1. August 3, 2010 7:59 pm

    Loving your tips, Amanda. What a simple way to add some interest to a basic shirt! Thanks for sharing.

  2. August 4, 2010 7:46 am

    Thanks for the comment, Nikki! We’re loving Amanda’s thrifting tips and techniques, too.

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