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Success Story Friday: Jobs!

August 27, 2010

This week, we hosted a series of recruitment events at our Career Development Center on Freedom Drive to help the dedicated job seekers who have been utilizing our job training and employment programs meet face-to-face with local companies that are hiring. It was the third time we’ve hosted a series of these invitation-only events, and this time around we had a great turn-out from local employers including Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo, Auto Bell and Presbyterian Hospital, among others.

The recruitment events benefit local employers by giving them an easy way to meet with pre-screened job seekers who are serious about working—and a higher success rate for their new hires. “We have had great success with the employees that have come from Goodwill,” said Richard Sanders, Store Director at Bi-Lo. He’s hired more than one Goodwill graduate.

Take Von’Shae, who graduated from our Life Skills Training program, and landed a job as a cashier at Bi-Lo through a previous recruitment event. “My favorite thing about my job? I would have to say working with customers and making them laugh and smile every day,” she says. Now, she says, she can support her three-year-old daughter on her own.

Then there’s Nyala, who works in customer service at Bi-Lo. She’s a graduate of our Banking & Customer Service Training, and snagged her job after a recruitment event, too. Her favorite thing about her job? “Just seeing the customers smile, and helping them save” she says. “Now I can be more independent.” Nyala’s saving up for a car, and hopes to own a home someday, too.


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