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Cutting the Clutter

September 7, 2010

Way back when we launched our new blog in April, we hosted a contest called Cut the Clutter, asking our new readers to send in photos of their most cluttered spaces. The winner received an eight-hour session with local professional organizer Julie Bertram of The Organizing Pro, who’s been organizing homes and offices for more than nine years.

Here’s the winning entry from Bailie Thompson, whose closet was in serious need of Julie’s expertise:

“My closet is a mess! I have lots of stuff, but not a lot of space to put it. I am not very good at organizing stuff and get frustrated because I can’t seem to keep things neat. I’ve got a lot of stuff Goodwill can sell in the stores, but I need help to sort everything out. Help, Goodwill!” -Bailie

Julie and Bailie created a plan–they waited a few months for Bailie to move into a new apartment, and Julie was there on moving day to make sure that all of Bailie’s things found homes in the right places. Take a look at the magic Julie worked on Bailie’s closet!

“I’ve moved more than 20 times in my life,” Bailie says. “Normally it takes weeks to get ‘organized,’ but with Julie, my closet was perfect and color-coordinated in less than an hour!”

Julie also tackled Bailie’s bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom: all in a day’s work for a professional organizer. Check out the handy notes she left behind so Bailie could easily find her things:

Finally, Julie helped Bailie start a pile of things to donate to Goodwill; she even loaded up Bailie’s donations and delivered them to one of our 30-plus store locations and attended donation centers.

Think your home or office could benefit from a few hours with Julie? She’s offering $30 off a four-hour session to readers of our WOW! Goodwill blog. Just be sure to mention Goodwill when you call!


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