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Success Story Friday: Lynne

October 15, 2010

Lynne was in survival mode when she turned to Goodwill’s Concord Job Connection for help after her medical transcriptionist job was eliminated at a Charlotte-area health care provider.

At 55 years old, for the first time in her 28 years in the workforce, Lynne was unable to find employment. To make matters worse, she lost her home during the process.

“Goodwill changed my life for the positive by just walking through the door,” Lynne says. “I was desperate. I knew my unemployment was running out at the time.”

Lynne quickly realized Goodwill offered something that wasn’t advertised as part of the job resource center—a support system that made her feel like she wasn’t alone. She brushed up on her computer skills, polished her resume and worked with Wanda Weeks, a career counselor.

While Lynne looked for work that matched her transcription experience, she received paid work experience—helping other unemployed people like herself—at the Job Connection through the Title V program. Title V is a work experience program for mature and older workers.

“It’s easy to think, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ Goodwill made me feel better about myself,” Lynne says.

Lynne’s patience eventually paid off. Just days before she was scheduled to relocate to New York for employment, she was offered a job with Piedmont Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Ballantyne as a medical transcriptionist.

Lynne’s advice to others her age: you’re never too old to learn. “Older people need to know they still have a chance,” she says. “You have to be willing to catch up your skills. We’re competing against people of all ages and against technology.”

Getting a job at the Ballantyne medical office didn’t just reignite Lynne’s career and provide her financial stability. It allowed her to stay in the Charlotte area, close to her daughter and first grandchild.

“I feel more accomplished now. I am contributing to society again. I have that ‘you can do it’ attitude. You can still be successful at 56.”

Editor’s Note: We publish a success story every Friday to get your weekend started off on a positive note! Want more Success Story Friday? Read previous installments here.



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