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Nonprofits helping nonprofits

October 18, 2010

We have partnerships with a number of local organizations, and each one allows us an opportunity to better serve our mission, vision and values.

But beyond that, our partner organizations make us (and our community) stronger, while helping us offer more opportunities to every person who comes through our doors.

Just last week, a group of students from our Construction & Green Jobs Training program worked on a project with a new partner: Calicos Haven, a Huntersville-based nonprofit organization that pairs up people with horses to offer equine-assisted psychotherapy for at-risk youth and the public.

Michelle Bacogeorge, executive director of Calicos Haven, poses with a therapy horse.

A Goodwill team member regularly volunteers with Calicos Haven and knew that they had received a grant to build shelters for their horses. Unfortunately, the funding only covered the cost of materials. With cooler temperatures on the horizon, the horses’ need for shelter was even more important, and she realized Goodwill’s Construction and Green Jobs Training program might be able to help. Voila! A partnership was born.

The horses watched as our students built their new shelters. We hope they’ll love having a new place to rest!


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