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In Purrsuit of Goodwill…

October 25, 2010

Sir Purr wants you to donate to and shop at Goodwill!

On Saturday, Oct. 23, social media enthusiasts crisscrossed Charlotte on a scavenger hunt-type event to visit local businesses and nonprofit organizations and complete challenges in an all-day event called Panthers Purrsuit, hosted by the Carolina Panthers and Allen Tate Company.

As one of the destinations for the Amazing Race-type event, we were thrilled to be able to share what we do with the Purrsuit teams! Each team started off their Goodwill adventure by meeting two of our success stories–Clairsean and Shell–who shared their personal stories about how the training they received at Goodwill helped change their lives.

We think they might have made an impression. Just look at these photos and tweets!

success, jobs, careers

Purrsuit participants pose for a photo with Goodwill success stories Clairsean and Shell.

Shell and Clairsean after sharing their successes with a Purrsuit participant.

@Ape_Smith: #purrsuit @GoodwillSP success story Clairsean has worked for Suntrust for 2 years after going through a 9 week program with Goodwill!

@AdamHoldenBache: Who knew @GoodwillSP helped with job training, resume writing and interview skills? #Purrsuit

@chrisharrington: Did you know that @GoodwillSP uses the sales of Goodwill goods to fund an amazing amount of programs which benefit us all. #Purrsuit

@yarby: Clairsean went through the career development program @goodwillSP and found herself a new career! #awesome #purrsuit

Next, Purrsuit challengers headed to a second room at our Career Development Center to play a Price Is Right-style game. Given an estimation of the original retail prices of each outfit created with actual Goodwill finds by Stylist Melissa Lamkin, Purrsuit-ers had to guess how much each look would cost in one of our Goodwill stores. Here are some photos of what participants had to work with, and their reactions to our amazing prices!

A Purrsuit challenger is shocked at Goodwill's affordable prices!

Melissa Lamkin,

A Purrsuit-er poses with Stylist Melissa Lamkin and her Goodwill looks.

@brianhamlett: @goodwillsp Learned that you can get a $100+ outfit for like $15. Dude… I’m shopping at the wrong place. #purrsuit

@LupusPiedmont: Wow!! Had NO idea that most, if not ALL outfits (shoes & accessories) included @goodwillsp r less than $20!! #purrsuit

Finally, challengers headed to our computer recycling area to learn about how Goodwill recycles computers and crush a hard drive themselves!

@nataliehymel: Companies can also donate to @goodwillsp without fear of info being taken from old computers. #purrsuit

@AlexisAcosta: @goodwillsp #purrsuit Goodwill’s recycling operations help divert millions of lbs of items from landfills.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday and learned all about what we do for our community!


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