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Guest Post: Accessories are necessities

October 26, 2010

Erin L. HubbsThere are few things that are as impactful as a stunning scarf, a unique brooch or wicked handbag. Simply, accessories can make or break an outfit.

While I have a true affinity for shoes and handbags, I’ve recently renewed my love of bracelets and necklaces, thanks in part to Goodwill. It should surprise no one that my love of bargains and vintage intersect often at Goodwill retail stores, and that couldn’t be more true than when I’m looking to add something on-trend to my seasonal wardrobe.

I’ve written recently about fur and velvet as hot trends for fall, and both times, I have suggested trying an accessory first if you’re concerned about committing fully to a trendy ensemble. It’s multi-purpose, really. First, it’s practical: it’s easier and less of a risk to incorporate a leopard-print scarf than leopard-print pants. Second, accessories are generally cheaper, especially at Goodwill. Lastly, chances are what you find at Goodwill will be one of a kind.

I’m a sucker for vintage bling, especially big, sparkly brooches, 1980s-inspired rhinestones and oversized bangles. But that’s not to say that I don’t adore the David Aubrey (with tags on!) necklace I landed for $3.99.

Leather Treaty accessory Goodwill leather braceletMy all-time favorite Goodwill accessories find has to be my Leather Treaty “Peanat” bracelet for $1.99. When I spotted it at the Concord store, strappy, studded bracelets were all the rage. I have worn it ever since, and have received numerous compliments.

I can’t be sure if it was a mistake, or if there was a real “Peanat” who snagged this bracelet on a vacation somewhere, but I do know that I have a unique, timeless leather accessory for a fraction of retail price!

-Rachel Sutherland

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