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4 last-minute Halloween costume ideas

October 28, 2010

Halloween weekend is almost here, but if you haven’t come up with a costume yet, you still have time! Here are some great last-minute ideas you can pull together with finds from Goodwill.

zombie bride

Zombie Bride & Groom: We’ve been seeing lots of wedding gowns in our stores, and with a little Zombie-fied makeup and messy hair, you can easily pull together a spooky Halloween look.

Nerd. Grab some high-wasted pants or an ill-fitting skirt and cardigan and add in any accessories  you find that scream “geek” — like glasses, suspenders, clunky shoes, and even a pencil behind each ear.

Mario and Luigi. Prepare to jump down imaginary pipes a la classic Mario Bros.–all you need is a pair of blue jean overalls, a red or green shirt and hat, brown shoes, and maybe a pair of white gloves. The only crafty thing about this costume? Creating a mustache (assuming you don’t already have one).

Mummy. This is one spooktacular costume–grab some white or off-white t-shirts, tablecloths or other items from our stores, and cut them into strips. Wear a white t-shirt, pants and socks, and wrap the strips around you for an easy mummy look. It might be a good plan to enlist a friend’s help with this one. (Want to see this one in action? Check out our Halloween looks on Fox Charlotte!)

Looking for more costume ideas? Check out our Halloween Costume Guide; it’s full of great ideas for creative Halloween costumes!


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