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Amanda’s Current Obsession: Vintage Slips

November 29, 2010

It seems that many of my wardrobe affinities come from childhood images, left like hazy photographs in my memory, especially those of my grandmother, Vera Aileen, getting dressed to go out. Truth be told, she was never getting ready for anything glamorous–I can only recall weekly trips to the “beauty shop,” doctors’ appointments, or family reunions and funerals–but regardless, she always looked her best.

I can remember sitting on the brown shag carpeting as she applied lipstick in front of the full length mirror, wearing only a slip until it was time to don her dress. She had quite a collection of slips, in every color, every length, and every style imaginable, and this collection has now been passed down to me. Most of them don’t quite fit, but they have inspired my most current fashion obsession.

Luckily, I can find better-fitting replicas of my grandmother’s vintage slips at my local Goodwill, and lately, I’ve been adding some pieces to my wardrobe. I love the lace details and the feminine simplicity of these pieces, something that’s too good, I think, to be hidden underneath another item of clothing. Doubled with another slip, to lend some depth to the almost sheer fabric, these vintage delicates can easily be worn on the outside.

I recently found a lovely burgundy slip skirt at Goodwill that has a beautiful strip of lace down one side. It’s a perfect color for fall, and I’ve worn it with everything from boots to flats, with a more casual t-shirt to a dressier blouse. Every time I wear it, I get compliments, and no one has any idea that it’s a slip!

I’ve also re-purposed a slip-like nightie for my redesigned vintage clothing line, Verabelle, and it’s become one of my all-time favorite designs.

For this one, I added a masculine winter plaid against the background of navy blue and snow-cream colored lace. I just love the mixed look this creates, and combining textures and styles is always one of my favorite things to do when I get dressed. To achieve a similar look at home, try pairing a lacy slip with textured tights or one of this season’s favorites–a vintage fur.

-Amanda Aileen Fisher

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