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More Goodwill Hunting favorites

December 20, 2010

Our Goodwill Hunting flickr group is so much fun! From designer bracelets (the one below is a David Yurman) to a Goldinger cake plate and cover, here are some of the latest Goodwill finds that our members have found lately. What’s your latest Goodwill treasure?

1. P8142913, 2. P8092843h, 3. Muu Muu Before, 4. Lovely sheets, 5. Yard Sale Night Stand and Goodwill Lamp, 6. New Vintage West Bend Canister Set, 7. mobler chair, 8. veggie died hand woven 5 x 7 rug from goodwill $39.99, 9. Amy Look 3, 10. Bobbins, 11. Franciscan Starburst, 12. Home office, 13. Vintage Japanese Cake Stands, 14. Today’s Goodwill find, 15. Goodwill pottery, 16. little cups from Goodwill

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