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Looking Ahead: Spring Fashion

January 5, 2011

Erin L. HubbsIt’s full-on wintery and even a little bit snowy in Charlotte. So it’s the perfect time to look ahead to spring, specifically seasonal fashion trends.

Navy and white stripes for Spring 2011.

While you’re shopping Goodwill this winter, keep an eye out for the following items/movements/colors, which can be incorporated effortlessly into a chic, of-the-moment spring wardrobe. You can certainly wear these items now, but when the temps start warming up and you’re looking for color, be ready to see these trends take center stage.

STRIPES: The favorite Breton shirt goes off the grid in Spring 2011, showing up in exaggerated scale and on evening gowns (Jil Sander, right). Navy and white stripes are wonderfully flexible. The pair can be clean and fresh or a bit cheeky or preppy, depending on how you style it.

FLORALS: Look for a bit of Asian inspiration and you’ll be all set. Poppies (and poppy-shades of red) are everywhere this spring, as are cherry blossoms and irises. They’ll add an edge to your typical florals.

Shades of honeysuckle will dominate in spring fashion.

PANTONE HONEYSUCKLE: If purple was having a moment, it’s spotlight has just been snatched by this not-too-pink-not-too-coral-almost-bubble-gum shade. Expect all shades and variations of honeysuckle, recently chosen as Pantone’s color of 2011, to dominate spring.

FLATS: For some of us, flats are hard to wear, even if Alber Elbaz had his Lanvin models wear them on the Spring 2011 runway. They shorten the foot, and there’s no added bonus of tacking 4+ inches to our height. So what’s a vertically challenged girl to do? Enter the flat platform: the best of both worlds. You’ll pick up height without the incline. Wedges are still hot into the spring, too.

70s STYLE: Keep an eye out for classic Yves Saint Laurent-style clothing: rich colors, crisp jackets and full shapes (think bows and skirts).

-Rachel Sutherland

Stop by our Contributors page for more about Rachel, or read her other posts here.


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