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Color your world…and your Goodwill finds!

February 7, 2011

Never underestimate the power of color. It can liven up a tired piece of furniture in no time.

I’ve recently seen some wonderful makeovers on the web where an unexpected paint color was used to completely revive a table, chair or other piece most of us would’ve passed up if it had been sitting in our local Goodwill.

Take this very traditional highboy dresser, for example. Yellow instantly glammed it up, and it became a perfect storage piece for a little girl’s bedroom.

Picnik collage
Hi Sugarplum!
Sometimes, using an unconventional color can quickly make an overlooked table become the centerpiece of the living room.
The Inspired Room
I’m always seeing random chairs during my Goodwill hunts. Here’s a perfect example of how mixing and matching chairs in bright colors can create a fun, electic dining area. (This reminds me of the girls’ apartment on Friends…)
Evie and Bluebell
And, remember the French provencial furniture lots of us little girls had growing up? Painted in a fresh color, it becomes a piece sophisticated enough for even your entryway.
Southern Comfort
-Emily A. Clark

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