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Discovering Goodwill’s ‘greatest hits’

February 18, 2011

Erin L. Hubbs

I used to think my vintage obsession was limited to jewelry, clothing and handbags. Then I discovered a dormant love of linens, specifically tablecloths and barkcloth.

On a recent day of thrift shopping with my girlfriends, I welcomed a new covet-worthy category to the vintage mix: album art. I don’t know how long I spent pawing through the racks of vinyl, but I realized it had been a while when I heard the girls calling for me on the other side of the store.

I was completely engrossed by the design, the images, the typography.

Connie Francis sings Italian songs. Of course. The Shangri-las? Yes! Soundtracks from South Pacific and Mary Poppins? Absolutely. Especially at $1 each!

These perfectly square snapshots from a different time would be wonderfully unique additions to the wall decor in my daughter’s bedroom and a bathroom; all I need to do is find album frames.

As for Connie Francis, whom I learned about from my mom as a child (she was known to break into her version of “Where The Boys Are” at the drop of a hat)? Connie will be a fantastic addition to my kitchen. Buona sera!

-Rachel Sutherland

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