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Guest post: Table for two!

March 2, 2011

I love the tiny details in a table setting, and am always inspired by how others decorate where they eat. My dining room table was built by my father-in-law and is just big enough to seat two people. I love its compact size, but dressing it up is a challenge.

While shopping at my favorite Goodwill a few weeks ago, I found a lacy, pink runner that fit our little table perfectly. I was thrilled by its short size and was eager to build a simple, pretty setting around it.

It didn’t take long to find a light sage tablecloth that gave the table a spring feel, and I had too much fun mixing and matching my collection of thrifted dinnerware.

I thought white plates with floral borders brightened up the table well, and the Corelle teacups had the cutest design on them!

I’m still on the hunt for a nice set of cloth napkins, so in the meantime I took some bedsheets and created an impromptu wrap for the utensils.

Since a hefty centerpiece wouldn’t fit nor look right on my wee table, I grabbed a single carnation from my leftover Valentine’s bouquet and put it in my favorite glass vase.

All set! Now where’s the food?

-Brooke Sloan Gibbons

Brooke is a stay-at-home mom and blogger for Her complete table setting was purchased at Goodwill for under $15.

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