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Addicted to Appliques

April 13, 2011


Many of the pieces from my line of redesigned vintage clothing feature appliques.

Originally, one of my animal appliques was included in every one of my designs. These were appliques that I designed myself, creating a process so that I could reapply my artwork made with watercolor, acrylic paint, and newspaper clippings to felt and then stitch them onto whatever I wished.

I love this process for how it retains the original look of my artwork, but it is very time-consuming and design intensive from start to finish.

Recently, I discovered Heat ‘n Bond Iron-on Adhesive, a godsend for someone who is addicted to appliques! It’s opened up a world of possibilities for creating simple, new designs, and it’s something that anyone can use to update their own wardrobe. You’ll see the use of this type of applique in my new line of Scrappy Tanks, featuring cut-outs of giant bows from vintage scrap fabrics.

You can use the Heat ‘n Bond to add a design of your own to an ordinary Goodwill find. An applique can dress up a sweater, a tee, a simple skirt, or a bag. If you’ve got a flat surface you can iron on, you can add an applique! All you need is some fabric (scraps work great, or look for cool prints on pillowcases, napkins, or old blouses at Goodwill), the Heat ‘n Bond (which you can find at the craft store), an iron, and a method of stitching around the edges for reinforcement. Ideally, this would be done on a sewing machine, but a needle and thread can work wonders, as well.

I found a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials about the entire process, so take a look for instructions on how to personalize your next find from Goodwill using the iron-on adhesive backing. And if you like the look of my original animal appliques on felt, you can add those to your look, as well. They’re always available in my Etsy shop.

-Amanda Aileen Fisher

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  1. April 13, 2011 9:30 am

    Oh I love that top….what an easy project!

  2. April 13, 2011 11:02 am

    Love my appliques… great post!

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