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Trend Alert: Bright & Bold Color at Goodwill

May 13, 2011
Erin L. Hubbs


For someone who wears almost exclusively black clothing, I am uncharacteristically fixated on this season’s bright, bold colors.

Maybe its because the brights aren’t twee or precious or the slightest bit floral.

There’s something almost sterile and masculine about strong, bold solid colors. And, stepping out of my self-imposed box even more, I am loving brights paired with neutrals rather than my beloved black.

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Goodwill stores are rife with clothing in the strong colors that are on-trend right now, especially royal blue, a quintessential 1980s hue. Keep an eye out for a loud belt, or a wildly-colored skirt. Wear that bright belt with a neutral lightweight sweater or top; wear the crazy skirt with a khaki crop jacket and white T-shirt and you’re straight off the pages of Vogue.

I also can’t stop thinking of that neon yellow shaker knit sweater I donated so many years ago to Goodwill … how fabulous would that be right now?

-Rachel Sutherland

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