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Trendy lace looks–for less

June 6, 2011
Erin L. Hubbs


I am thoroughly digging this lace moment in fashion right now. It is everywhere, and in every incarnation, from granny to crochet hippy to Madonna to even a little Stevie Nicks.

Whatever your fashion muse, there’s a lace look for you. With the exception of the Little Black Dress, there are few things quite as versatile as lace. It can be sexy, sassy, retro (think Victorian, Western, 1950s or 1980s, among other options)–and it can also be very sweet.

And, as luck would have it, shops like Goodwill are rife with lace clothing from nearly every era. Last year, I nabbed a Halston lace empire-waist dress from one of my favorite shops. It’s straight out of the 1980s — flowy angel wing sleeves, sheer fabric and shoulder pads.

The look you achieve all depends on the style of dress and most certainly how it is styled. Being of the 1980s Material Girl era, I am all about the juxtaposition of sweet (see Chloe Sevigny above) with rougher accessories like army boots and a black bag.

I have yet to wear my vintage dress, but I think I’ve narrowed down my bag and shoe options. I’m plotting when it will make its debut and it will be soon.

-Rachel Sutherland

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