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Amanda’s thrifted summer reading

June 9, 2011


When I was much younger and still in school, one of the best parts of the summer was reading. From devouring American Girl books under my living room fort to looking forward to trips to the bookmobile, reading was one of my favorite pastimes. Not much has changed as an adult, and there is still something about the summer that makes me want to lounge around and flip through the pages of a new book.

Of course, my interests have changed since those days, and I’ve replaced Judy Blume with Sue Monk Kidd and my favorite classic authors. There’s also nothing better than scanning the pages of books on sewing, cooking, and crafts on a long road trip or with a favorite drink on the porch.

I find a good bit of my titles at Goodwill, where books are cheap. If you’re headed off for a summer beach trip or just need to stock your shelves for the weekends, grab a stack of interesting titles and save a lot of money by buying them at Goodwill.

Here are two thrifted treasures that sit on my bookshelf…

-Amanda Aileen Fisher

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