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Goodwill Hunting: Southwestern Style

July 5, 2011

Erin L. HubbsThere are certain timeless fashion movements that compel and repel my style sensibilities at the same time. They are not trends per se, as they come back into vogue every so often, in various iterations.

A perfect example of my personal conundrum is white-hot at this moment: Southwestern style.

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The Southwestern color palette has the power to make me gag. The soft hues of salmon, cream and what I call country blue are enough to send me over the edge. It just screams 1980s to me, and not in a good way.

I have a visceral reaction when I see muted, pastel-ish blue. I can’t help but recall the fey blue carpet that covered the entire first floor of my childhood home, which also matched the dining room chairs and other assorted upholstered furniture.

On the other hand, there are many elements of the stylish genre I adore. So I will focus on those trendy bits that make me happy: Navajo-influenced prints, beading, big silver and turquoise accessories, boots, long skirts, mixing feminine prairie prints with the roughness of denim and canvas, just to name a few.

Goodwill stores are usually rife with options for bringing a little Southwest into your wardrobe. Since this trendlet will walk straight into fall, keep your eyes peeled this summer for the following Southwest chic pieces:

  • Distressed, brown leather handbags
  • Silver jewelry, especially cuffs, necklaces and rings
  • Navajo-inspired prints, especially in sweaters, wraps or handbags
  • Prairie-inspired florals (I am obssessed with Rodarte’s Fall 2011 Wizard of Oz-inspired collection.)

Ralph Lauren, the king of upscale Southwestern style, would approve.

-Rachel Sutherland

Stop by our Contributors page for more about Rachel, or read her other posts here.

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