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Goodwill Hunting Roundup

August 1, 2011

Check out some of our newest favorites from the Goodwill Hunting flickr group – lots of great ideas!  Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home for fall, find that perfect gift or get ready for back-to-school, don’t forget to stop by a Goodwill location to see what you may find.

1. Ballerina Dinnerware, 2. thrifted pot of love., 3. yashicatlelectro-roll31-21, 4. Turquoise purse, 5. Black Lotus Bowls – by Cathrineholm, 6. Picked up these darlings at Goodwill for .25/ea. When checking out, the lady commented that I had just missed the whole set of them., 7. Mac desktop for sale at our ComputerWorks store, 8. Le Creuset size ‘A’, 9. GW Burnelli dishes2, 10. june17th, 11. Pyrex Lemons Caraf, 12. dooney&bourke1, 13. Chair with Rosewood Grain Painting, 14. Dandelion, 15. $1.99, goodwill, 16. $13 Goodwill coffee table!

P.S. Have you found something great lately? Be sure to leave a comment below and you may see your treasures in a future post!

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