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Guest Post: Lamp Redo

August 26, 2011


I feel like a good lamp is hard to find. At any nice lighting or home decorating store, you can easily shell out upwards of a hundred dollars for a unique lamp that acts as a statement piece. One of the best things about shopping at Goodwill is that with a little creativity and some simple supplies, you can make your own statement lamps, for any part of your home!

Goodwill has shelves full of lamp bases from every decade, so something interesting can be found with a little searching. The first thing you need to do is rewire your lamp if the cord looks old and worn out. Safety first! I found a great online tutorial for this at Apartment Therapy that includes illustrated instructions, so I suggest following along there. You can get a rewiring set at your local hardware store for just a few dollars.

This was the first lamp that I upcycled from Goodwill, taking a plain white shade and creating something truly unique with a collection of my findings and one of my signature Verabelle appliques of Roscoe the Raccoon.

Now, the fun part! You can also find lampshades in every size and style at Goodwill. Even if you find one that has a slight imperfection, chances are you can cover it up. Here are some ideas for updating a plain lampshade to turn it into something interesting:

– Dye it.

– Trim the edges with lace, a bit of crochet, bias tape, or pom-pom trim.

– Add an applique or other interesting items, such as buttons, millinery flowers, earrings (pierce them right through), or other found objects.

You can add just about anything with a hot glue gun, one thing that every crafter needs in her cabinet! As for dying, I would suggest sticking to smaller lampshades that would easily fit into a bowl of dye.

I've hand-dyed the the Hanky Panky Lampshade, created an applique from a vintage handkerchief, and added vintage pompom trim. (Right) The Sunshine & Lavender Lampshade

Lately, I’ve taken to updating lamps for my new line of housewares. Here’s a little inspiration for you from Verabelle’s Attic!

Pompom trim can go a long way! The Oh Deer Lamp is even cuter with vintage figurines.

Read more about Amanda on our Contributors page, or read her other posts here.

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