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Guest Post: Halloween Decor on a Budget

October 11, 2011


It seems as though fall is everyone’s favorite season. A break in the sweltering heat, football, hot cocoa and Halloween! Who doesn’t love to decorate their house for this kooky holiday?

I hit up my local Goodwill for some inspiration and I hit gold:

Goblets…great for a costume party, just add floating eyeballs…
bejewelled skulls… check out below where I will be using mine the other 11 months out of the year…
skull votives
…even skull shooters….fill with your favorite shooter or even candy…
Glitter skeletons: I’m thinking I need to go back for a few of these for my front door, or maybe the tree in my front yard!
Light up brains!  These would look kind of cool floating in a punch bowl…
And of course, a Halloween decor staple, cobwebs!
After I picked up some goodies, I decided to use them in the most visible place in my home, the foyer table.
This bedazzled skull will live its next life in my office…but for now, it adds a little spooky glam to my setup.

I could not resist the skull votives.
And the cobwebs, of course, had to make their way into the decor.
Here are few more Halloween decor ideas you can whip together with some finds from your local Goodwill store. Remember my candlestick post?  Here is another great idea of what you can do with them:
image via Uncommon Designs Online
Or display your candy in an apothecary jar…
image via Do It Yourself Duo
Another cute idea for those candlesticks…
So there you have it…a few seasonal ideas with some decor ideas that can be re-purposed and used throughout the year. Double-duty decor…I kinda like the ring of that!

Kim is a lifestyle blogger and refurbishing renaissance woman. Read more about her in our Contributors section.

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