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11 Budget-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

October 21, 2011

Halloween is one week away! Are you still searching for a budget-friendly costume? We’ve been helping some of our friends pull together their costumes this week. Scan through the ideas below for inspiration, and get to your nearest Goodwill center to start pulling together your look!

Creative Loafing – Playing dress-up: Our search for a Halloween costume in one day

We hung out with Creative Loafing style editor Kimberly as she kicked off her quest to find last-minute Halloween costume ideas. Our Sardis Road Goodwill center did not disappoint – with a little creativity, we had tons of options to choose from! From tacky tourist to zombie bride, we finally narrowed it down to three cool ideas:

A vampire (dress: $4.99, boots: $3.49)

Ginger, from Gilligan’s Island (dress: $4.99, fur coat: $4.99, earrings $0.99, necklace: $1.99)

A bridesmaid, inspired by the movie Bridesmaids (formal dress: $9.99, bouquet: $1.99)

The story also included ideas from a couple of costume stores from around the city – check it out for a full list of ideas!

Charlotte Smarty Pants blog – Low-cost, last-minute costume ideas

We also worked with Jen Plym of Charlotte Smarty Pants to pull together some good ideas for people who are looking for that last-minute costume on a dime. We’ve listed a few of the ideas below, but check out the story for a full list, and let us know what you think!

For the ladies:

80’s prom queen: Purchase a formal dress adorned with puffy sleeves, huge bows or sequins to carry this look. Go heavy on the costume jewelry, blue eye shadow and poufy, teased hair to top off this style.

Katy Perry: You can easily find the basics for this pop princess outfit. Look for a one-piece romper, or alternatively, a high-waisted pencil skirt and heart-shaped top (halter or spaghetti straps will nail the look). Add a pair of fun sunglasses and a dramatic headband or hat over your softly curled 40’s-style hair (or use a colorful wig).

For the men:

70’s-era tennis star: Those short shorts so popular during this decade are generally in abundance in the men’s section. Pair them with a too-tight t-shirt or polo shirt and add a headband, wristband and any tennis accessories lying around (bag, racket or balls).

Mad Men: What guy wouldn’t want to look this good? Goodwill has tons of great vintage suits – make sure to choose a 60’s style slim-fitted suit in a dark color, a thin tie and thin black belt, and plenty of hair wax. Don Draper always has a drink in hand, so swing by the glassware section and choose a signature lowball glass or tumbler to carry with you.

Is there a Halloween costume you most proud of? Do you have any ideas to add to our list? Leave a comment below!

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