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$8 = Best Tiny Diva Gift

October 24, 2011


My daughter Vivian, whom my family often refer to as Tiny Diva, loves sparkles. And jewelry.

Nearly every time she comes in for a hug or kiss, she’ll grab onto something I’m wearing and whisper in my ear: “Ooooh mama. I love this necklace. Can I have it?” or “When I get older, will you give me those earrings you’re wearing? Then I can give them to my daughter.”

She’s picked up a striking amount of bling, too, in her short six years on Earth. It is piled on her dresser, hung on door knobs, or tossed on her night stand.

I was thinking of getting her an organizational system for the jewels for her birthday, but nothing really jumped out at me until I saw a well-loved wooden-with-faux-stained-glass jewelry box at Goodwill. It had five drawers, and a spinny rack for necklaces.

I snatched it up, dug out the cotton candy colored spray paint and got busy on what was sure to be the best birthday gift ever for my Tiny Diva. I removed the door panel and used my best friend spray mount to recover it with black and white IKEA fabric.

Tiny Diva's refurbished jewelry box!

To complete the awesomeness, I stocked the newly rehabbed treasure chest with rhinestone jewelry, some thrifted and some new.

To say the gift was a success is an understatement. Tiny Diva has been obsessively organizing her sparkles ever since opening. And she has stayed true to her nickname, demanding an accessory change (from pink rhinestones to silver) between dinner and dessert on her birthday.

Thanks, Rachel! We want to know: have you ever tried to give new life to something thrifted? Leave us a comment below – we would love to showcase reader submissions for an upcoming blog post!

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