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Six last-minute Halloween costumes from Goodwill

October 28, 2011


Halloween parties begin tonight, but it’s not too late to find a great costume at your local Goodwill store! Here are a few costume ideas I spotted while shopping earlier this week:

Kate Middleton

Any kind of traditional dress or suit will work.  I found this red belted dress that reminded me of a dress she has worn before.  A wrap dress would work for this look, too.

left image via
Sally Jesse Raphael
Back in the 80’s Sally was as common a household name as Oprah and Donahue.  And who can forget those red-rimmed glasses?  Grab a blazer with big shoulder pads and add glasses and some chunky earrings. I doubt anyone will miss guessing who you are!
left image via
Bill Cosby
One of televisions most loved fathers, this sweater is the epitome of Dr. Huxtable.  This could possibly work for Fat Albert as well, if that’s the route you want to take.

left image via
Amelia Earhart
A bomber jacket (or similar look), goggles and a small airplane would round out this costume. Much cuter for little girls than the Lady Gaga costumes I’ve seen…and they can learn a little something about Girl Power in the process.
left image via
These are fairly common to find, super comfy, and can easily hide thermal underwear on those cold Halloween nights. For the Charlotte area, it looks like we will see lows in the 30’s all weekend, so bundle up!
left image via
Zombie bride/Rosalie Bride (Twilight)/Mormon-Sister Wife Bride
This one is fairly self explanatory.  Whether you are a Twilight fan, Big Love fan or just looking to add vintage lace with an undead look (I mean, who isn’t), this is pretty simple to recreate. There are tons of makeup tutorials online that can help you as well.

left image via, upper right image via, bottom right image via
Enjoy and happy haunting!
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