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Honoring America’s Heroes

November 11, 2011

As we pause today to honor our nation’s military veterans, we at Goodwill are also celebrating the one-year anniversary of our Operation Independence program.

A military family member rides along during the recent Veterans Day parade in Charlotte. Operation Independence serves both military veterans and their family members.

We’re excited about both the local and national impact the program has made over the past year. Last month, the Operation Independence team was chosen as just one of six veteran services programs nationwide to join Microsoft Corp. in a roundtable discussion with U.S. senators in Washington, D.C.

Last weekend, program participants marched in the Veterans Day parade in Charlotte. Today, the program team is hosting a lunch and celebration ceremony for veterans both on staff at Goodwill and for veterans participating in the program.

In true military fashion, the Operation Independence team isn’t resting – they are already focused year two, which will feature more Microsoft certifications, more technology training and more jobs. “We’re going to be offering more advanced computer training and certifications through our partnership with Microsoft, so that our veterans will be better prepared for civilian positions at the management level,” said Nicholas Riggins, vocational evaluator for Operation Independence.

Participants in the Operation Independence program in our Microsoft-funded lab, located at Goodwill's Career Development Center on Freedom Drive

In helping more than 160 military veterans and military family members receive technology skills training, career counseling and job placement services, the Operation Independence program has confirmed to the region and the nation that we can do our part in honoring our veterans by ensuring that they have all the support possible to successfully re-enter civilian life. Click here to check out a story that WFAE aired today about our program’s success.

Are you honoring a veteran today? Do you know a veteran who needs help transitioning into the civilian workforce? Leave us a comment and share your story. Happy Veterans Day!

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