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Guest Post: Designer Shoe Destiny at Goodwill

November 14, 2011


Spend enough time at Goodwill (or in my case, multiple Goodwills), you’re bound to notice patterns or see the same types of things.

But I have to say I was completely unprepared for the number of times I run across a specific brand of high-end footwear in my Goodwill travels: Stuart Weitzman.

For the uninitiated, Stuart Weitzman is a line of designer shoes that typically cost more than $200 per pair.

Stuart Weitzman shoes found at Goodwill!

The price alone is enough to make my deal-loving heart skip a beat when I see them on the racks at Goodwill for considerably less than retail.

I’ve seen them on the shelves at Goodwill in Cornelius, Mooresville and recently spotted a strappy espadrille pair on the rack at Goodwill in Savannah.

Sometimes they are well-loved — Weitzman fans swear by the hand-crafted-in-Spain comfort — but just as often I’ll see a pair that looks virtually unworn.

If I happen upon a pair in my size, I’m down right giddy.

If they don’t fit me, it takes everything within me to not approach random women in the store — shoes in hand — to find out their size while relaying why this pair of Weitzmans are such a good deal ($300+ versus $3.99).

What do you repeatedly find on the racks at Goodwill that blows your mind?

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