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Guest Post: DIY Thanksgiving Table

November 21, 2011


While many of us are carefully planning our menus, getting our guest rooms ready for visiting family and grocery shopping this week, there is another detail that is sometimes overlooked:  The Thanksgiving tablescape.

I know, growing up, there wasn’t much table decor or variation from the “good” china used every year.  It isn’t difficult or expensive to snazz it up, though.  Here are a few ideas you will find by shopping at your local Goodwill.

Mix & Match! Mixing china patterns remains a popular way to add style to your table. This can easily and affordably be done by visiting the housewares section of Goodwill.  If you have patterned china, grab some white plates to coordinate.  Don’t be afraid to mix a floral pattern with a graphic one – just make sure there are some common, cohesive elements to avoid looking tacky.

 image via
Fun Fabric: Goodwill also has a wide variety of textiles and linens which can be used to dress a holiday table.
 image via
Utensils with style: Update utensils by painting the handles coordinating colors.  You can match them to your table’s color story and repaint for other holidays.  Or, donate back to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy.
image via
Serve it up! In a previous post, I gave you some ideas on what do to the abundance of silver serving trays found at Goodwill.  Here, you see how you can add tealights and small vases to make a centerpiece for your dinner table.  Pine cones, baby turkeys, candles, children’s thanksgiving art from school…the possibilities are endless.
image via
During a time when we reflect on what we are thankful for, remind yourself there are easy ways, like shopping at Goodwill, for you to give back and help fund much-needed job training programs.  Programs that help people who may have a few less items on their list of things to be thankful for than you do.
Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for shopping at Goodwill!
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  1. December 1, 2011 8:56 am

    Beautiful decorating ideas! It’s true the mismatched tableware is now a classic look and I love your centerpiece.

    I shop Goodwill a lot for other people’s handmade pottery items. I don’t know why they got rid of them (but I’m glad they did…)! Some of them are just beautiful. I’ve started a collection of my finds and also buy little things I can use in art collage. Last time I hit a goldmine of buttons and ribbon edgings. And a great powder blue Columbia brand fleece jacket I’m wearing right now!

    Will be back there soon as I have four big bags of clothing donations. And of course I’ll need to take a peek inside, too…

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