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Guest Post: Creative Gift Wrapping Supplies

December 13, 2011


Cut back on your waste this holiday season by cutting out some of your typical gift wrap. Instead of running to the store for more wrapping paper and ribbon, look to Goodwill for things that you can reuse and upcycle into creative gift wrapping solutions.

Not only will you undoubtedly save money and landfill space, but you’ll be adding something personal to a gift that already is. And as I always say, “Love is in the details!”

Ideas for Fabric

1. Make reusable fabric bags or envelopes with anything from thrifted sheets to clothing. Long skirts provide a lot to work with, as well as larger linens, such as sheets and tablecloths. You might also find napkins and placemats in holiday prints to keep with a theme.

courtesy of Martha Stewart

2. Upcycled fabric can also be used as actual gift wrap. You can either cut a piece to fit your package from a larger textile, or find something that is just the right fit. Look for silk scarves, handkerchiefs, napkins, or a knitted toboggan. Instead of tape, secure it with hot glue, a safety pin, or tie it in a knot.

courtesy of Martha Stewart

 3. Use a button-up shirt to wrap around a package. Be sure to iron it so that it’s just as crisp as paper. Then just tie up the sleeves into a bow. And if the shirt fits, this adds one extra, unexpected gift!

courtesy of Country Living

4. If you’ve already wrapped a package in your holiday wrapping paper you have on hand, you can create a pretty fabric band around the package to embellish it. Measure and mark it with a ruler to get a straight edge; cut out a rectangle; and fasten in place with a little hot glue.

Ideas for Paper

1. Instead of using your typical holiday paper to wrap up a gift, use something fun that relates to the person who’s receiving it. Use a map for someone who loves to travel or hike. Use pages from a music book for someone who either plays an instrument or is a music lover. And you can find book pages that relate to just about anyone, from a novel to a dictionary to a children’s book.

courtesy of Martha Stewart

2. Instead of filling your boxes and bags with tissue paper, shred (or cut) some books pages or maps to turn them into colorful fillers.

3. Create an unique flower gift topper for a gift using any fun paper that you’ve found at Goodwill. It’s as easy as cutting out circles and twisting and folding.

courtesy of Two Shades of Pink

Ideas for Embellishments

1. Shop around Goodwill for things to tie up your packages. Chances are you’ll find some yarn or a spool of ribbon that’s just right for the job.

2. Goodwill always has holiday decorations stocked in their housewares section, so see if there are any ornaments, faux flowers, or small holiday trinkets that you can grab to add to your packages.

Found at the Pineville Goodwill store!

3. Browse the jewelry section for other bits and baubles that could help you finish off a package. A brooch or hairpin are both easy additions to the handle of a gift bag or just under the bow of a package.

Jewelry from the Sardis Road Goodwill

And remember to store any supplies that you have left over for next year!

Thanks Amanda! What fabulous, wallet and earth-friendly ideas! Check out Amanda’s other crafty posts by clicking here.

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