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3 Tips for donating electronic gadgets

December 21, 2011

One of our littlest donors gives away her keyboard to make way for a new laptop!

From smartphones to tablets to GPS watches and gaming systems, electronic gadgets once again dominate many holiday wishlists for children, teens and adults. Once the wrapping paper has been torn and your new e-gadgets have been plugged in, don’t forget about the old electronics that you no longer need – In fact, why not put them to good use instead of letting them collect dust?

Donating electronics to Goodwill helps us fund much-needed community employment programs. Just think: If you donate one working computer to Goodwill, you’ve just given someone in our community 8 hours of job training! (Click here to calculate the impact of your donation!) Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your donation this holiday season:

1. Erase personal data – once you’ve transferred your photos, music and other data from your old phone or computer to your new one, be sure to erase any remaining data before donating. At Goodwill, we make sure that all data is erased before recycling or refurbishing donated electronics, but we encourage donors to do this as well. Click here to read more about how to erase data from your hard drive.

2. Don’t forget accessories – How many cords have you collected over the years? What about that old mouse or those tiny speakers? Don’t forget that we accept peripheral equipment along with your electronics donation.

3. Take and fill out your donation receipt – When you drop off your electronic donation at any of our more than 30 local donation centers, you will be offered a donation receipt by one of our donation attendants. Make sure you take a receipt, fill it out, and stash it somewhere safe so you can count it as a 2011 tax benefit! Don’t forget: you will need to determine the fair market value of your donation. Goodwill provides a donation value guide to help determine fair market value. Please note: Goodwill employees cannot help determine fair market value.

Donating electronics is free, convenient, good for the environment, good for our community AND it’s eligible for a tax deduction. Make sure you remember to donate your electronics this holiday season!

Happy holidays, from all of us at the Goodwill family. Thank you for helping us make a difference for thousands in our community.

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