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Guest Post: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

January 17, 2012


Gallery walls are a unique way to decorate your walls that can be completely customized and original. You can mix different mediums, like mirrors, frames and other forms of wall art….or keep it simple using all frames.

Black frames keep this consistent pattern eye-pleasing

Mix frames with mirrors, artwork or photos for a unique collection

I love the black painted background that showcases this gallery!

There are many tutorials or guides you can find online to help you start to plan your arrangement. Here are two I found:

Courtesy of A Typical Type A blog (click on image for link)

Via Delightful Order blog (click on the image for link)

I have really been wanting to create a mirror gallery wall. As I’ve been trying to find the inspiration that felt right, I’ve also been hoarding mirrors for months now. Here’s a taste of what I’m imagining for my house…

Via After-Dinner Design blog (click image for link)

My plan is to paint the mirror frames all the same color. After playing around with them today, I think I’ve found my arrangement.

Many of my own mirrors were purchased at Goodwill!

I was able to source approximately half of the mirrors at various Goodwill stores, as I labeled in the picture above.  They are also a great resource for picture frames and canvases.

Happy decorating!

Would you consider creating a gallery wall in your home?

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