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It’s graduation day!

January 20, 2012

We made history this morning at the Charlotte Museum of History, where we celebrated with 52 new graduates of our Occupational Skills Training programs in Banking & Customer Service, Hospitality & Tourism, and Construction & Green Jobs!

A Goodwill graduate pauses for a photo with her proud daughter!

Each class elected a representative to share their personal stories with the group.

“As an MBA holder, most people felt I was overqualified for the program but I disagree,” graduate and Banking & Customer Service class speaker Nah Darkwah said. “I had the academic qualifications, but needed my skills to be upgraded – skills that will help me find the right job and most importantly, help keep and perform excellently on my dream job.”

Happy graduates pose with their certificates - several graduates received special awards, including the "Team Player" award, voted on by classmates

Goodwill partners, volunteers and friends assembled to help congratulate the graduates. With their certificates in hand and the support of Goodwill, they have the confidence and skills to tackle the job market and secure a new career path.

“Believe in yourselves. You have the ability, you have the skills and you have the opportunities,” Darkwah said. “You must continually strive to extend yourself even further – little by little every day, every week, every month and every year.”

Keynote speaker, Jacotran Potts, encouraged  graduates to avoid negativity. “When people say negative things or when they try to discourage you, just smile and hit the “delete” button,” he said. “You have to rise above the negativity and stay focused on where you are going.”

Potts encouraged graduates to celebrate finishing what they said they WOULD do. “Now, you have to take that same commitment and finish what you say you WILL do.”

Click here to view photos from today’s ceremony.

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