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Sneak Peek: Spring fashion trend hit list

January 24, 2012


It’s barely winter, and I’m already focused on spring. I’m not alone — fashion magazines and retails stores are rolling out the gauzy sweaters, sandals and sweet summer dresses.

I’m not purchasing just yet, but evaluating what I’ve got that will work in the coming season and also identifying which trends I’m going to judiciously incorporate into my wardrobe.

Here’s what’s on my hit list for spring 2012. And of course, I’m going to start my search at Goodwill.

Athletic: Boxy cuts, mesh and Flashdance-inspired sweatshirts? Heck yeah. Sporty elements are playful and a little tough at the same time.

Ladylike: Peplums, flower power, ruffles and pussycat bows work well for me in small doses.

Boardwalk Empire: I can’t do a dropped waist, but I am sucker for muted colors, sheer and lace-like embellishment often spotted on HBO’s crazy popular show “Boardwalk Empire,” set in Atlantic City during prohibition.

Safari: Clearly, this “trend” is moving out of that territory and straight into staple category. Safari-inspired fashion has been strong for the past few seasons, and this year, it takes on a vaguely tribal, stripe-heavy influence.

What has piqued your interest for Spring 2012? What seasonal on-trend items have you found at Goodwill?

Thank you, Rachel! We can’t wait to sneak a peek at what might be available at this weekend’s grand opening of our newest store in Ballantyne! Click here for all the details.

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