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Guest Post: Rehab, renew, repurpose

February 6, 2012


Chez Sutherland has been a busy beehive of home improvement lately. Maybe that’s to make up for those seven or so years where the house sat virtually untouched.

Best not to question, just celebrate and hope that the creative redecorating trend continues until all rooms are freshened.

Right now, the kitchen is the focus, specifically the clutter. Our family of four spends a bunch of time in the bright blue room doing kitchen stuff like cooking and eating, but also passing through.

You need to walk through our kitchen to get from the mudroom to the rest of the house. That means that backpacks are emptied there, mail is deposited on the counter, permission slips and forms are haphazardly attached to the calendar with little regard for actual order.

No lie, for YEARS I have been planning to reuse the original shutters we took off our 1940s house. I wouldn’t let my husband get rid of them. I didn’t have a concrete plan, so there they sat in the basement, glaring at me in their chippy, spiderwebby way, taunting me with their lack of attention.

Until last month. I finally found (made?) time to complete a DIY project I clipped from a magazine a few years ago. I extracted a shutter from the cast-offs pile, dug out my palm sander and went to town. I loosened excess paint, smoothed a few edges and got to painting.

I used the table saw to cut pegboard to fit the back of the shutter, attaching with brackets. My husband mounted the shutter organizer to our kitchen wall with larger brackets, and just for good measure, finished with large lugnut screws for a little rough shine.

Gone are the piles of papers and chip clips full of takeout menus — it’s all on the wall. The result? With very little investment and a little creativity, an unwanted item got new life by helping me organize my life!

What have you redone, repurposed and reused lately? Have you started any “spring cleaning” projects?

Need some inspiration for a weekend project? Check out the many ideas we have collected on our GoodwillSP “ideas and inspiration” board on Pinterest!

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