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Guest Post: The Slip Dress

February 13, 2012


I have been in love with vintage slips for quite awhile now. They’re so romantic, feminine, and flirty – a perfect look for Valentine’s Day. But instead of hiding these lovely designs underneath a dress, why not wear them on the outside, as a dress? Now that just might really wow your sweetie on February 14th!

I am amazed by the many details put into a design that is intended to be worn under clothing and seen by only you and perhaps that someone special. To me, that seems like a little bit of a waste. The slip dress, itself, is a classic style that never goes away, and I see no better way to wear it than literally… a slip worn as a dress! Back in 2010, I wrote about wearing vintage slips as skirts, but the same thing can be done with full slips.

Below are a look at a few lovely slips I found while browsing Etsy to inspire you to dig a little deeper on your thrifting trips. Most of the slips in my own collection have come from Goodwill, and the colors and varieties available are wide-ranging.

Even if there is a specific color you’d really love to add to your wardrobe that you haven’t been able to find, you can buy something in white or cream with beautiful details and then hand-dye it using a packet of your favorite color from the craft store.

Use my tips below for wearing a true slip dress, and have fun incorporating this inexpensive and overlooked fashion into your wardrobe:

1. Don’t let the lace stop you from leaving the house! Since many slips are almost or completely sheer in some areas, double up with another plain, neutral slip underneath.

2. If you want to feel more covered, all you need is a cute cardigan or shrug to cover your shoulders. While you’re at Goodwill, look around for a cardigan or shrug – most of them are priced under $4!

3. Accessorizing your slip will make it feel more like any other dress from your wardrobe. You can add a belt, a statement necklace or vintage jewelry to bring the look together. Depending on the weather, try out boots or strappy sandals. Either one will work great!

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy thriting!


SLIP 01: Yeye! Design and Vintage Bottique

SLIPS 02 (clockwise from top left):

Eratic Static Vintage Boutique


Riley Bella 123

Luncheonette Vintage

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