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Spring Cleaning: Tackling the Junk Room!

April 3, 2012


I am a regular donor to Goodwill.  Kind of hard to avoid when you have a constantly-sprouting 13-year-old boy.  We usually keep a bag handy to corral the random donations we plan to drop off at our local Goodwill, but last weekend, we planned to tackle the annual tradition of spring cleaning.

When you donate as frequently as I do, spring cleaning isn’t usually a huge undertaking. However, we had a dirty little secret at our house.  The junk room.  It was bad. Like things were almost piled up to the ceiling in the closet, bursting out of the seams!

The junk room closet revealed!

I also had an under-utilized bookcase in there stuffed with random, rarely used items that needed sorting through.

For each project, we made four piles:





Just this simple sorting technique made going through the heap fairly easy.  In the past, I’ve always just bagged everything up and made a trip, but after doing my taxes I found that I could make my life very easy if I made an itemized list of exactly what I donate, when I donate.

After all was said and done, we had loaded the car full of donations, and I have a clean room that is waiting to be transformed into my office/mom space. What a win-win.

Spring cleaning may have come at the perfect time.  You may have heard about the fire that significantly damaged Goodwill’s South Boulevard location, as well as all of the donations inside, on February 23rd of this year.  Just last week, Goodwill announced they will rebuild this location and started taking donations to stock the new store on Friday.

Goodwill's donation center attendants are always helpful!

What more motivation do you need to get started?

Thank you, Kim! Readers, don’t forget to check the Goodwill locator on our website to find the nearest donation center. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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