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Guest Post: Not Your Grandmother’s Clip-ons!

April 18, 2012


As a young girl, I spent hours playing in my grandmother’s make-up, wigs and  jewelry. Unlike some other grandmothers, she let me play with all of her pretty things without limits. I was most enchanted by her clip-on earrings; how the clusters looked like pretty beaded flowers. However, I quickly discovered the downside of these pretty baubles; they pinched my ear lobes until they turned red!

With a little imagination, you can find new uses for clip-on earrings that are beautiful or have sentimental value, but don’t fit comfortably on your ears.

Rhonda has repurposed these baubles into hair clips

All you need is glue and some basic supplies, and you can make Grandma’s clip-ons new again. Try wearing them in your hair, attaching them to a pair of flats, creating hairpins or layering them on big buttons to create pins or brooches.

With a little imagination, this set of clip-on earrings becomes a new bracelet!

Although Grandma’s stash of clip-ons is long gone, thrifting at my local Goodwill retail store is a perfect way to find them in all shapes, styles and colors. The next time you are thrifting, check out Goodwill’s glass cases. They are packed full of pretty things for all of your creative whims.

Also, don’t forget to browse those blazers and coats for large buttons. Even if you don’t like the coat, you can get a lot of mileage out of the buttons.

Readers, please join me in thanking our guest blogger Rhonda Hodges, who works closely with another familiar face – Rachel! Rhonda says, “my love of spreadsheets and analytics is rivaled by my love of all things vintage and designing jewelry!” You can find Rhonda on Facebook by clicking here.

Have you ever repurposed jewelry or other items you found at Goodwill? If you’re feeling inspired, check out even more DIY jewelry ideas by clicking here.

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