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Goodwill Hunting: Spring Edition

May 2, 2012

Happy May! We have been scouring flickr this morning, and wanted to share these great finds that have shown up in our Goodwill Hunting flickr group! Did you know? Shopping at Goodwill is not only fun, it also helps our community. What amazing finds have you scored at Goodwill lately?

1. gingham picnic dress, 2. Vintage Egg Cups Turquoise Yellow Tan 1950s or 1960s, 3. Gypsy Girl, 4. Thrifting, 5. sseko sandals, 6. thrifting, 7. drink master, 8. LeCreuset Soup Bowls, 9. Brown and white pitcher, 10. What I Wore Thurday, 11. IMG_1447, 12. WIWW 2.13.12, 13. Grandmaster Flash, 14. forty four., 15. IMG_1360, 16. vintage Burberry frames in a $1 bin

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