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Guest Post: Update your warm weather wardrobe!

May 9, 2012


It’s officially still spring until June 20, but the first whisperings of summer have already have begun in the Carolinas. A few warm days during this past month have made me want to clean out my closet and start replenishing it with new pieces for the season. This way, I’m ready to go with new outfits as soon as that sticky weather comes around!

I’ve uncovered some great spring/summer wardrobe essentials on a round of recent trips to Goodwill. My strategy is to look for great everyday pieces from which I can get a lot of wear, and designs that will allow me to mix colors and patterns so that I can maximize my number of outfits. With the money I save by doing most of my wardrobe shopping at Goodwill, I can invest in a few key pieces that I love to splurge on each season: one fabulous pair of shoes, and every now and then, a fantastic pair of jeans that fit me perfectly.

Here’s a look at my recent spring/summer wardrobe additions, all thanks to Goodwill!

Bright stripes! These are two pieces that I already can’t get enough of! I love those happy yellow stripes, and this shirt looks great paired with a bright cardigan in another color or a fun, chunky necklace. And every summer wardrobe needs some seersucker. These wide-leg seersucker trousers couldn’t be more perfect. For a little stripe fest, I really love these two pieces of clothing worn together.

Feminine floral. A little floral print lets you know that Spring really has arrived! Both of these tops can be worn with jeans or shorts or even a simple little skirt. And they have even more versatility with a cardigan on those cooler spring days.

Mad about plaid! I absolutely adore this plaid skirt in black and white, yellow and red. It’s such a classic color combo that in some instances, I treat it as a neutral. I love mixing fun, printed tees with a cool skirt like this one. And I really like this skirt paired with this coral colored tee, just a hue off from the red. One must on my shopping list every spring is tees in a variety of colors. Coral just happens to be one of my favorites and one color I think you’ll be seeing a lot of this season!

Let us know: What are your summer wardrobe staples?

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