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DIY & Design: Ombre Tulle Bow Belt Embellishment

June 8, 2012


That’s a mouth full.


Something about it inspires my inner ballerina.
It brings me back to ballet class- the satin shoes, leotards, classical music…
It’s just feminine.
Along with ombre, tulle flower belts are popping up all around.
I thought I’d give the trend my own little spin.
-Ombre Tulle Bow Belt Embellishment tutorial-
(even hard to type)
I wore it like this…

the supplies:
-3 varying shades of a certain color of tulle cut into 3 different sizes (s, m, l) w/ 4 layers of each
-elastic band (I would have used a nude color if I had found it)
-needle + thread
-skinny belt (find a thrifted belt from Goodwill!)

the steps:
1. fold the tulle over long-wise + make a stitch in the middle
2. fold the ends to meet in the middle, pinch the middle and stitch
-repeat with all three colors of tulle
3. stack all three bows on top of each other (the lighter one on top + darker on bottom)
4. cut & fold over a strip of tulle
5. wrap the strip around the middle of your bow & stitch
6. cut a small piece of elastic band & stitch it to the backside of your bow to make a loop
7. affix your bow onto your belt (push the belt through the elastic loop)

& you’re done!
(I would call this a slightly more advanced DIY)
I would say the possibilities are endless with this bow.
Slip it onto a headband, pin to a t-shirt, etc!
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