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Packing it Up: Beach-Themed Scavenger Hunt

June 13, 2012


Vacation season is upon is, which for many means an annual beach trip. For me, one of the most fun parts of vacation lies in the planning and packing – a scavenger-hunt-like gathering of the details to make the trip really come together.

When I pack up my suitcase, it’s impossible for me not to go all out on the trip’s theme, with everything from outfits to reading material. Not only does this make the trip more cohesive and enjoyable, but it also gets my vacation started earlier, as I daydream over the details.

You can get started on your vacation early, with a little thrifting scavenger hunt of your own. It’ll help mark a few things off your packing list, while starting the summer fun before you hit the beach!

Head to your local Goodwill and see how many of these beach-themed items you can find:

1. A breezy beach look, with nautical colors, and a hat to stay cool. All the components of this outfit are secondhand with some specifically from Goodwill.
beach outfit, photo from geldenkirchen, on Goodwill Hunting Flickr group.

2. A destination-themed book. I love the random titles you can find at Goodwill that you’d never come across at a regular bookstore!
book photo from DAN_DAN2, on Goodwill Hunting Flickr group.

3. A fun pair of shades. I always see a ton of sunglasses while shopping at Goodwill. Keep your eyes peeled for an awesome retro pair.
sunglasses, vintage, by The Home Gnome on Etsy.

4. A bag to carry your beach set-up. Stripes are a must somewhere in your look, so see where you can find them among the Goodwill racks.
tote, vintage, by Dear Golden on Etsy.

5. A beach basket. A picnic basket is a nice perk for lunch on the beach or dinner under the stars. There’s no better place to snag a vintage version like this one than at Goodwill.
picnic basket, vintage, by Barking Sands Vintage on Etsy.

6. Beach blanket. Skip the boring beach towels, and look for a nice, large beach blanket instead. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out and get comfortable.
quilt, photo from hollybairy, on Goodwill Hunting Flickr group.

What have you found on your thrifting scavenger hunts? Share your best finds in our comments!

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