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Guest Post: Take It On The Road

June 25, 2012


Summer is here and so are vacations. My family is scheduled to take two multi-state road trips, and among the attractions we’ll be hitting? Goodwill.

The list of reasons I love shopping out-of-my-town Goodwills is long and detailed. Here are a few of my favorite things about a little vacation shopping at GW:

  • Eclectic Souvenir Options: Looking for a T-shirt to commemorate your trip to Nashville? Chances are you’ll find one (or two) at the store there. And, what you find will likely not look exactly like what is stocked in the tourist shops. Score one for individuality!

Geographic Tchotchke: I have a travel plate problem, so much so that an entire wall in my kitchen is covered with them. I love their kitschy cool vintage vibe. 

Those especially close to my heart represent my home state (Michigan) and my hometown (Detroit). Both of those were snapped up at Goodwills outside of Michigan (North Carolina and West Virginia, respectively), after ostensibly being donated after travels to my fair home state.

Regional Antiques:If you covet/collect something with distinct regional ties, say for example sterling mint julip cups (a favorite at the Kentucky Derby and across the bluegrass state) — your chances of finding them increase in the area.

Among my favorite out-of-town finds? Two gorgeous, mint-condition silk Indian saris at the Savannah Goodwill on West Broughton.

What is your best out-of-town Goodwill find?

– Rachel Sutherland

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